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It's Time To Seriously Rethink Wifi Safety And Exposure In Your Homes

Sara Au Yeong baby devra davis frank clegg radiation sensitivity wifi wireless

  Aside from not feeding my family with GMO foods as pesticide like glyphosate can wipe out the good bacteria in your gut lining, another major concern is the safety of wifi emission from cell towers in Canada. The Canadian standards of safety is 40 years outdated when compared to international wifi safety standards. As much as many Canadians are aware of this hazard and have gone as far as signing petition in addition to, removing wifi devices in their homes many are still unaware of the implications strong wifi signals can have on pregnant women, babies and young children as well as adults who...

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Did you know some foods are high in histamine?

Sara Au Yeong allergy baby eczema rashes sensitivity

Often when someone thinks of histamine, they think seasonal allergies and antihistamine pills. Many studies have shown that certain foods are naturally high in histamine and if you are sensitive to it, these foods will also contribute to the discomfort you are already feeling with allergies. So by learning what these foods items are, you could technically lessen your suffering and better manage the outcome. So what exactly is histamine intolerance? It is a little-known condition that causes its sufferers misery, with symptoms including a stuffy nose, headaches, flushing, hives, and it can even exacerbate any existing eczema. There are...

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New and Safe Baby Skincare Product

Sara Au Yeong baby baby skincare detergent diaper cream laundry made in canada new parents

Many new parents are quite aware of pesky chemicals that are present in most baby skincare brands. Prior to the birth of their new baby, moms in particular usually take on the role of a researcher. She spends many hours looking for the safest baby skincare and products, stroller, car seat, breast pump and the list goes on. It is quite a daunting task to have everything ready and not only that, but to have the best item that would suit the family budget and well as the safest options for their new born. Shaughnessy Pharmacy is proud to announce...

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