Covid 19 Vancouver Fire Fighters Supplies

Covid 19 Vancouver Firefighter Pharmacy Owner Shaughnessy Owner and pharmacist David Wong started a GoFundMe to answer the call for nurses at the Lynn Valley Care Home on March 25, 2020. The response was phenomenal, as many Vancourites and people from all over took notice. Collectively, the intended goal was met and donations continue to pour in to further allow this team to gather the necessary medical supplies for our frontline health workers.

It is a time like this that the community can really come together and offer their help. "We are all connected and, if someone we know or friend of a friend is in need, we naturally just step up and do our part," says David.

When David learned from a good friend that the Vancouver firefighters are also experiencing low supplies, he was concerned. He understands firefighters play an integral part in our health system as well as other healthcare workers. Firefighters work very long hours and respond to calls right away. The level of stress they deal with on a daily basis is immeasurable and yet they continue to serve the city with courage and dedication.

Pharmacist donated N95 masks hand sanitizers gloves to Vancouver Firefighters Firehall

Currently, fire halls are low on N95 masks, gowns, face shields, safety glasses, nitrile gloves, and sanitizing agents. David feels it is important to also look after these local heroes so that they can continue to take care of the city and its citizens.

David decided to start a separate project to assist the Vancouver firefighters. He will be gathering supplies from Shaughnessy Pharmacy, as well as both the Corning Drugs locations in Chinatown, to provide N95 masks, gloves and ethanol based hand sanitizers from Vancouver brand PEER Protect to these local heroes as soon as possible.

For those who would also like to offer your support, please contact your local fire hall directly.

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