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Aroma Crystal Cream 180ml

Aroma Crystal Cream 180ml

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Wild Crafted Essential Oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Arnica 

Directions: Apply liberally as often as necessary. Store in a cool dry place.

The cream for all you can dream of! 

Winner of over 28 National Awards of Excellence for "Best Body & Skin Care Product" and "Best Aromatherapy Product", Gardener's Dream Cream has been hailed as the go-to cream.

Gardener's Dream Cream is the ultimate in vibrational therapy with its infusion of essential oils and other key ingredients.

Since 1989, Gardener's Dream Cream has been the top choice for a full body treatment. A massage with Gardener’s Dream Cream helps you to relax and its therapeutic aroma creates a sense of well being. This home care cream calms and is a perfect at home spa treatment for tired feet! It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves natural body care.


Arthritic Pain
Sprains & Strains
Sport Injuries
Back & Neck Pain
Stress Relief
Sore Shoulders
Sore Achy Muscles
Feet Treatment
Water Soluble – Spa Treatment on Wet Skin after Shower
Supports the Immune System
Bedtime Relaxation
ADHD Management
Helps to Relax and Relieve Stress
Great for Adults, Kids and the Elderly


Diabetes Foot Care 
Soothes Varicose Veins 
Reynaud’s Syndrome 
Pinched Nerves and Numbness 
Sinus Coughs & Congestion 
Singer’s Warm-up
Throat Conditioner 
Pleasant Treatment or Wheelchair, Hospice or Bed Ridden
Cools Hot Feet  
Bed Sores


Weird Rashes
Psoriasis & Eczema
Arthritic Pain
Dry Cracked Skin – Elbows, Hands and Heels
Burns and Sunburns
Cold Sores
Fisherman’s Hands (Salt Water Poisoning)
Razor Rash /Ingrown Hairs
Hearing Aid and Prosthetic Rash
Chemotherapy Itch
Leave-in Hair & Scalp Conditioner/Detangler
Harden Nails
Soften Cuticles
Canine Hot Spots
Bug Bites
Poison Ivy
Swimmer’s Itch
Stinging Nettle
Jock and Vaginal Itch

Aroma Crystal Therapy was founded in 1989 by Jane Janzen on Salt Spring Island. Made with Love as the first ingredient, Jane uses only the finest pure essential oils and high performance botanicals.

We use only the finest pure essential oils and high performance botanicals

The creation of this company, Aroma Crystal Therapy, with its mission statement of "Healing the planet, one person at a time" grew from the best part of me. I had the blessing of having both my grandmothers, Italian and Scottish, come from a line of wise women, healers who practiced their alternative skills as natural medicine for their families and communities.

As a young mom I faced family illness with my children, especially ear infections, and found myself being given prescriptions for antibiotics by pharmaceutical pushing doctors which left a legacy of candida overgrowth. I began to take control of the health of my family through the healing modalities of vibrational medicine. I experimented with sacred geometry, rife frequencies, subatomic particles, (in essence, quantum physics), colours and sound to create my vibrationally imprinted healing products. My nature unfolded as a natural healer, a psychic medium and mother, and I put my best intentions forward and made LOVE the first ingredient in everything I created.

My promise to myself and the world was that I would use 100% non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients and pure essential oils, making products that were leading edge energetic science, but growing from ancient herbal traditions and natures’ bounty. One of my first successes was creating Gardener's Dream Cream, which turned into Magic in the Palm of Your Hands.



Aqua (Deionized water)
Butrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)
Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil
Cetearyl alcohol**
Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed oil
Caprylic/Capric triglyceride**
Cera alba (Beeswax)
Arnica montana (Arnica) extract
Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil
Isostearic acid**
Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E)
Citrus grandis (Grapefruit) seed extract
Papaver somniferum (Poppy) seed oil
Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) oil
Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf oil
Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) oil
Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) leaf oil
Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A)
Michelia champaca flower (Chamaca) oil
Origanum vulgare (Wild margoram) extract
Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) extract
Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) extract
Hydrastis canadensis (Golden seal) root extract

**coconut derived

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