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What is Shungite and how it can help with EMF?


Some may be excited for 5G but many are not so keen. Countless towns and cities have voted against having towers near their homes. In Canada, Bell announced today it has launched its new 5G wireless network in Montreal, the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Rogers Communications also has launched its 5G network earlier this year in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Families with young children are particularly concerned about the installment of 5G. Many schools in the US that are under-resourced are test beds for 5G equipments supplied by large communications companies. It is unfortunate many elementary schools...

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Did you know some foods are high in histamine?

Sara Au Yeong allergy baby eczema rashes sensitivity

Often when someone thinks of histamine, they think seasonal allergies and antihistamine pills. Many studies have shown that certain foods are naturally high in histamine and if you are sensitive to it, these foods will also contribute to the discomfort you are already feeling with allergies. So by learning what these foods items are, you could technically lessen your suffering and better manage the outcome. So what exactly is histamine intolerance? It is a little-known condition that causes its sufferers misery, with symptoms including a stuffy nose, headaches, flushing, hives, and it can even exacerbate any existing eczema. There are...

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New and Safe Baby Skincare Product

S P baby baby skincare detergent diaper cream laundry made in canada new parents

Many new parents are quite aware of pesky chemicals that are present in most baby skincare brands. Prior to the birth of their new baby, moms in particular usually take on the role of a researcher. She spends many hours looking for the safest baby skincare and products, stroller, car seat, breast pump and the list goes on. It is quite a daunting task to have everything ready and not only that, but to have the best item that would suit the family budget and well as the safest options for their new born. Shaughnessy Pharmacy is proud to announce...

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Wireless Radiation Cellphone Safety

Sara Au Yeong devra davis radiation wireless

One afternoon, while YouTube was on autoplay in the background a video by Dr. Devra Davis came up. At the time, I had no idea who she was and as she continued with her presentation I knew I needed to sit down and give it my undivided attention. Doctor Davis expertise is in the danger of wireless devices and how it has proven to cause harm in children's brain development, affects the male reproductive health, wifi and breast cancer, insomnia, and as well as cases of childhood leukemia with wireless radiation. The French Government banned over 400 phones according to Davis and...

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Covid 19 Vancouver Fire Fighters Supplies

S P coronavirus covid 19 hand sanitizer n95 mask

Owner and pharmacist David Wong started a GoFundMe to answer the call for nurses at the Lynn Valley Care Home on March 25, 2020. The response was phenomenal, as many Vancourites and people from all over took notice. Collectively, the intended goal was met and donations continue to pour in to further allow this team to gather the necessary medical supplies for our frontline health workers. It is a time like this that the community can really come together and offer their help. "We are all connected and, if someone we know or friend of a friend is in need,...

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