New and Safe Baby Skincare Product

Many new parents are quite aware of pesky chemicals that are present in most baby skincare brands. Prior to the birth of their new baby, moms in particular usually take on the role of a researcher. She spends many hours looking for the safest baby skincare and products, stroller, car seat, breast pump and the list goes on. It is quite a daunting task to have everything ready and not only that, but to have the best item that would suit the family budget and well as the safest options for their new born.

Shaughnessy Pharmacy is proud to announce the launch of CALIDOU, a baby collection from Quebec. The entire collection was designed and manufactured in Canada since 1998. Brand creator Isabelle Blanchard spoke to us one afternoon about her traditional recipe for their baby diaper creams. She said in Quebec many new parents have switched back to cloth diaper and therefore she has 2 options in her diaper creams: with 18% zinc oxide and one with 20% cornstarch. The zinc oxide cream is favoured by parents who use disposable diapers and those who use cloth diaper would opt for the 20% cornstarch option. We love that many of her recipes come from her grandmother.

We have carefully selected the top and most popular baby bath and skincare items from the CALIDOU Bebe collection. It is available both online or in-store at 3 of our pharmacies.

If you are new parent in search of a cleaner alternative to your baby skin care items be sure to check out this beautiful and safe collection. If you are a new aunt or uncle looking for gifts for your brand new nieces or nephews, we would love for you to give CALIDOU a try. 
By the way, we also brought in TruEarth Laundry Strip Unscented version and it is also safe for babies and young children.


Enjoy this new bundle of joy!

Shaughnessy P
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