It's Time To Seriously Rethink Wifi Safety And Exposure In Your Homes

 Kids children wifi brain tumour Frank Clegg Dr Devra Davis radiation dangerAside from feeding my family with healthy foods that are well studied to remove radiation from the body, we also must practice good diligence when it comes to our wifi exposure at home. When compared to international wifi safety standards, Canada is ranked low in its safety measures.

As much as many Canadians are aware of this hazard and have gone as far as signing petition in addition to, removing wifi devices in their homes many are still unaware of the implications strong wifi signals can have on pregnant women, babies and young children as well as adults who tend to carry cellphones in their pockets. There are countless wonderful videos from Dr. Devra Davis on this topic. Not to mention, the risk of brain tumour which by the way does not develop overnight but rather over the course of 20 years on average. Here is an amazing interview by Dr Charlie Teo, world renowned neurosurgeon.

Evidence from over 250 peer reviewed papers from Harvard, Yale and amongst many top universities in the world have proven and advised against the use of wifi due to the health implications based on aforementioned researches.

Below is a video of Frank Clegg, former Microsoft President for 14 years sharing the danger of wifi and how he will not have wifi in his homes. Frank's goal is to raise awareness of this issue via his website: Canadian 4 Safe Technology

Clegg has always pushed for fiber optic which is run under the ground and is a much safer alternative as well as a much more energy efficient route to go. Cellphone towers according to Clegg will not only affect the health of many, it will also affect the accuracy of weather forecasting. It is not new news that birds and bees are affected by this.

Fiber optic is safer because it will not emit microwaves radiation. Wifi operates on 2.4 gigahertz which is the exact same frequency as microwave.


  • Do not carry cell phone too close to your body
  • Turn cell phone to airplane mode at bedtime
  • Unplug router at bedtime
  • Do not allow young kids to be on tablets and cellphones
  • Include miso and chlorella in your diet 

It is indeed very convenient to have the entire house wifi but please do consider the long term effect it can have on you and your family.

Please take good care!


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