Why Is Seaweed An Amazing Detoxifier In Your Bath

 Detox Seaweed Cellulite Bath Ritual Vancouver PharmacyCultures around the world have been practicing bath rituals for thousand of years. A nice bath is often associated with relaxation after a long day or week. 


Here are some specialty bath houses around the world:

1) Onsen

In Japan, the Onsen is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. It is a natural hot water spring bath that is geothermally heated below the ground. The water rises to the surface hot and bubbling. In order to qualify a bath house as an onsen, the water must contain 19 designated chemical elements. In addition, it must also be at least 25 degree Celsius.

2) Hammam

The Turkish Bath, or better known as Hammam is a public bath house for purification usually before prayer. Bathers usually starts off in a heated room much like today's day sauna and then they will wash in cold water. A massage performed by a masseur is very common in a hammam.

3) Icelandic Blue Lagoon

This is another form of geothermal hot spring located outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. Bath are an ancient tradition the Viking attends for both cleansing and socializing. The Blue Lagoon is known for its abundant of minerals and algae. Algae is known to be an effective detoxifier for the body.


At Shaughnessy Pharmacy, we like to support the health of our patients and online customers by providing them with an array of natural and minimally scented bath and body products.

We believe self care is an integral step to great health. Here are so popular Detox Bath Products we carry:


We hope you will make time to enjoy your bath or shower time daily and treat it as your daily ritual too.

Best wishes from all of us at Shaughnessy Pharmacy


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