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Essiac Herbal Extract

Essiac Herbal Extract

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ESSIAC® is an herbal formula which helps support the immune system*. Regular users may want to consider using the ESSIAC® program as guidance to ensure that a consistent regime is followed. Below are the daily suggested amounts, should you choose to follow the program.

Suggested Use:

2-4 teaspoons (10-20 ml) twice daily


  • No mixing required


  • No food 1 hour before and after consuming ESSIAC®
  • No juices 30 minutes before and after consuming ESSIAC®
  • Not to be taken during pregnancy, by nursing mothers or infants

Frequently asked questions:

How long will one bottle last?

One bottle will last 1-2 weeks, depending on the daily intake.

How long will the ESSIAC® Extract formula keep?

Unopened bottled ESSIAC® Extract formula will keep for approximately two years. Once the bottle has been opened, it will retain its potency and freshness for approximately 2 weeks.


History of ESSIAC®

ESSIAC® is an herbal formula that has been in use since 1922. The formula was given to nurse Rene Caisse from a Canadian Ojibwa Indian. Born in Bracebridge, Ontario, Nurse Caisse prepared her original herbal formula into a drink named Essiac, which is Nurse Caisse's name spelled backwards.

Rene M Caisse

From 1922 to 1978, Nurse Caisse gave her Essiac herbal supplement to thousands of people at her clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Although she refused payments for her services, she accepted donations to help support her clinic. Nurse Caisse dedicated her life to using the Essiac formula.

In 1977, Nurse Caisse signed over all her rights to the original Essiac formula to Resperin Corporation Limited. Dr. Charles Brusch of Cambridge, Massachusetts, witnessed the signing of the agreement between Rene Caisse and Resperin attesting that her original herbal formula was never revealed to anyone other than to Resperin. To view the agreement, click here.

Resperin gave her the assurance that she sought, namely, that Essiac be produced and distributed for the benefit of all. On May 29th, 1995, Resperin transferred the rights to ESSIAC® and the corporation was voluntarily dissolved. Essiac Products Inc. owned and manufactured the ESSIAC® herbal formula which was distributed through Essiac Canada International. Today, Essiac Canada International owns the rights to the ESSIAC® formula and exports it worldwide.

Rene Caisse sculpture

Rene Caisse continues to be loved and remembered for her contribution to naturopathic medicine. Bronze sculptures of Nurse Caisse have been dedicated in her memory in Bracebridge and at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.



Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa)

Used traditionally to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and to help support a healthy immune response.

Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus Fulva)

Contains large amounts of tannins and mucilages which are believed to facilitate the healthy elimination of mucus in the body.

Sheep Sorrel Leaves (Rumex Acetosella)

Used in traditional folk herbalism to help cool the body, this herb helps support normal waste elimination in the kidneys.

Indian Rhubarb Root (Rheum Officinale)

Used traditionally in small amounts, this herb helps support normal waste elimination in the liver.

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