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Liposomal Vitamin B12

Liposomal Vitamin B12

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The powerhouse vitamin B12

  • Restores DNA, nerves and Red Blood cells

  • Reduces risks of cardiovascular conditions

  • Prevents Pernicious Anemia

  • Alleviates nervous conditions, numbness and tingling of extremities

  • Fights depression, neurological and immune disorders

30 pouches per carton

1 pouch contains: Vitamin B12, Ethanol, Vitamin E Acetate, Stevia, Water, Magna sweet (Ammonium Ghrizzinate), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Natural Color  (Carmine & cherry).



Vitamin B12: 5000 mcg

Lecithin (Posphatidylcholine: 500 mcg 

Non-medicinal ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol, xantham gum, citric acid


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